Affordable Care Act Changes – How will they affect you?

Are you gearing up for the changes ACA will bring to your facility?

With daily broadcasts shouting new updates on the Affordable Care Act guidelines, it seems almost impossible to know where everyone will really be in October, or even in January of 2014! Each day brings a new prediction of how far along the process will be for implementing the new healthcare requirements. With each state facing their own personal challenges, each facility, and in fact each community will be looking at how those new guidelines will be affecting them on a day to day basis. The updates change so rapidly, it seems daunting to prepare a plan for implementation!

Having a process in place that addresses both the self-pay population and the commercial/exchange population is paramount to providing a satisfactory patient experience while protecting the costs of healthcare. In order to prepare as much as possible, we have come up with a list of questions to ask of your process, your in house team, or your vendor.

  • Who will be in the role of Navigator at your facility?
  • How will those Navigators handle exchange enrollment?
  • What training will those Navigators be receiving?
  • Will you be charged for the enrollments?
  • Will you have to find Navigators to supplement your current enrollment process?