We are successful together with our clients, as a direct result of helping patients get medical benefits. We work hard to accomplish complete patient satisfaction while recouping revenue for hospitals.

Experience has taught us that focusing on the needs of patients and their families results in more approvals, more recouped lost revenue for the healthcare provider, and more positive results. We make the humanity of what we do our primary goal, while working with innovative technology and work-flow processes is what drives success both for our company and our clients.

In 1999, Sherman Gardner knocked on the door of a deceased patient’s father. The father had been avoiding all contact from the hospital, not knowing how he was going to cover his son’s medical bills. Sherman explained that he was there to help the father apply for funding, and not there to hunt down money. Sherman held the father’s hand each step of the way through the funding application process, up until the end when the application was approved. Gardner Group has always put the patient first.

Advocacy is not just a business idea, it is our company philosophy. We are not bill collectors, and we are not paper pushers. We are here to assist the patient in all ways possible, to extend our client’s mission of caring beyond the four walls of the hospital to each and ever patient we meet.