Customizable and Agile

The Gardner Group advantage is our ability to custom tailor our services for clients – we have more control and are able to offer creative solutions for our partnerships.

Although Gardner Group offers a wide array of services, we have streamlined our process over the last decade. Rather than cherry-pick large accounts, we have found it much better to work with all accounts, regardless of balance, in a timely manner. We don’t use the old-school method of folders in drawers, we use our proprietary software Medi to push accounts through the life-cycle based on time statuses.

By shortening the life cycle of each account, we are able to get patients the coverage they need along with funding for the hospital as quickly as possible.

In addition to that, we are also able to customize the packages that our clients use. For example, a rural hospital may only need three of our services while requiring certain reports to match their operations. Another hospital may need a completely different set of services. Some clients may need our services augmented slightly. Because we’re small and niche-oriented, we are able to be much more creative with our partnerships to meet any client needs.