Government/Commercial Enrollment

Patient experience is paramount for us at Gardner Group. We provide the most compassionate, experienced advocacy possible so they are approved for programs that give them access to the best healthcare.

We have raised the bar higher than ever before, setting a new standard in proactive eligibility solutions and advocacy for uninsured and under-insured patients. By centering our service on intelligent program screening along with new innovative approaches in fieldwork, we have been able to deliver better results from far more accounts. That means more revenue for our customers.

Gardner Group truly goes the extra mile; from driving patients to acquire needed verifications, to wearing uniforms for quicker recognition. We take an initially annoying, difficult process and make it simple and painless as possible for patients while remaining accurate and timely so that our hospital clients are funded. We do this by automated tickle processing and auditing using some of the most streamlined, technologically advanced tools available today.

Contact us now to discover our how we can use our vast funding experience to ease the mind of your patients while recovering revenue needed to keep your operations running smoothly.