Gardner Group is focused on patient satisfaction and revenue recovery. We believe they go hand in hand. Over the last decade, we have built a solution that focuses on relationships, which increases the revenue for our clients. We offer services both on an individual level – to fill a void in your current process – and on a service suite level (total enrollment).

We remain technologically innovative without losing our focus on patient and client needs.

Find out how this amazing self-pay patient eligibility software helps you.

See how our process centering on intelligent program screening and field work innovation helps us garner greater results from more accounts.

Find out how TPL recovers revenue to secure adjudicated or settled third-party insurance claims.

Gardner Group is able to provide staffing for all shifts, on any day, to cover the financial triage and management for your ED.

See how our suite of services covers everything – from point-of-service to post-approval follow-up.