The Right Tools

We use the most technologically advanced tools available to do our job

The Gardner Group is always looking to push the envelope of technical innovation in order to increase the speed at which we do our job. We realize that things are always changing – processes, technology, client needs, reporting needs – and we are always evolving to offer better, more innovative solutions.

  • PointCare

PointCare screens patients at any point-of-service, regardless of the time of day or their location in the hospital, using tablet devices. It is 100% mobile and creates a dignified way to give patients the information they need about funding while obtaining information from them about what programs might work. The quick survey is anonymous and outlines the next required steps.

This technology helps easily open up the conversation for cash collections, which has garnered millions of dollars in additional revenue for our clients.

  • Medi

Medi was created by Gardner Group for the sole purpose of increasing productivity. It allows for constant auditing, which decreases application denials due to mistakes. It is a database for securely holding copies of documentation and provides representatives a daily queue to work from using time-based “tickling” so that no accounts are missed or forgotten. Each of our field representatives is equipped with either a portable scanner or smart phone to capture copies of documentation and upload them to the system.