ED Financial Triage

Typically, the Emergency Department is the entry point for a majority of self-pay patients entering your hospital. The Admissions Department handles scheduled visits, usually referred from a doctor’s office, but those patients generally have insurance. The ED, on the other hand, sees volumes of patients with no insurance.

The self-pay predicament is exacerbated by the numerous patients entering through the ED with no insurance, often under duress, and without accurate contact information. Having a trained staff present in the ED, 24 hours a day or even during high volume hours, is the first step in assisting uninsured patients and protecting your facility from additional bad-debt.

We are experts at identifying patients at ANY point of service, and then assisting those patients in securing funding along with collecting co-pays and deductibles. With Gardner Group trained ED staff, you can have your Emergency Department equipped with highly trained personnel to spend with your under/uninsured patients, validating their demographic information, screening them for funding, walking them through the process of program application and assisting them in securing their funding.

Your ED is staffed on the hours you deem important, your patients are given personal attention, and your revenue is protected on yet another level.


COMING SOON…… Gardner Group’s assistance with upcoming exchanges….