With PointCare, both patients and medical professionals have a comfortable and convenient way to screen for any applicable funding using just five simple pages of screening questions. PointCare can be used at any point-of-service. This 100% mobile software solution can be used on any advice with wifi capabilities.

PointCare is essential for a variety of needs including…

  • Information on Funding Options

Patients are tired, not feeling well, frustrated, confused, or under duress. The last thing on their mind is exploring options to pay for their hospital visit. Despite this, there are always fees that need to be covered and costs that need to be met. PointCare quickly and easily asks simple questions that partner each patient with applicable funding. The patients are given their options and instructions on how to move forward with their choice. In a few minutes, patients have the information they need by walking through a seamless, succinct survey.

  • Patient Screening Without Adding Staff

Many vendors only screen for the preferred type of funding, often Medicaid. This leaves out many options available to the patient and funding opportunities for the hospital. PointCare allows patients to connect with all the funding options available for their specific case, including federal, county, and commercial programs. Not only does this pinpoint more ways to get their hospital visit covered, but it offers a more broad range of coverage for any future visits that patient might make.

  • Dignified Cash Collections

Broaching the topic of cash collections is always a sensitive topic at any point-of-service. Asking patients to make financial contributions to their hospital bill is sometimes difficult in the moment of their admittance. The PointCare screening tool smoothly discusses the patient’s income as part of the process of screening them for funding programs. This gives an ample platform to broach the topic of a down payment, or even a cash collection payment.