Focus Means Funding

Unlike other companies who only concentrate on one or two funding platforms, Gardner Group focuses on all possible funding avenues.

Most companies are only interested in one type of  program – Medicaid. They figure it will get them the most funding since they are paid on a contingency basis. The Gardner Group is not like most companies.

We examine all forms of funding including other social care programs – we sift through federal, state, governmental programs. We also look for specialty programs for victims of crime or disability as well as commercial,  such as when a self-employed individual can get a group plan.

By screening each patient individually, we are able to get them the funding they need the right way. From commercial to governmental to fund raising, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits all funding platform because each individual is under different, individual circumstances.

With this focus, comes a greater ability to fund and an increased appreciation on behalf of patients, who we also help with other social programs such as food stamps and WIC.