Third Party Liability

Every year, thousands of patients are involved in tort liability accidents where a third party is responsible for their injuries. Some of those patients are seen at your hospital and receive care. Those same patients file insurance claims or tort liability suits against the liable party and are awarded with financial benefits. A percentage of that money is rightfully due to you, the hospital, who provided care for the patient in their time of need.

Too often, patients do not use their awarded funds to reimburse the hospitals that cared for them. We are your advocate in securing reimbursements in these situations. We will identify the plaintiff and defendant, conduct the research behind the case, file notices of liens against the case on your behalf and represent the hospital to secure reimbursements.

Our legal staff will secure the percentage of awarded money rightfully due your hospital for the services provided to the patient.

We work accounts promptly from a front-end process, making sure to compile a case for reimbursement from casualty carriers and file liens immediately. Our prompt, streamlined process focuses on representing clients in the policy disbursement process. This minimizes much of the subrogation process and increases hospital reimbursement for each claim.

We screen for auto accidents, premise liability, and other general liabilities of individuals and companies. This innovative investigative approach maximizes reimbursement and prevents denials from group plans requiring proof that no other coverage is available for their injured plan members.